“The Influencer Talks” have come up with an initiative for their lovely listeners to be able to nerve themselves up anywhere or anytime during any phase of their life.

Podcast is an epitome of easy delivery in the digital form at minimal costs that too, to a wider audience.

The youth being the call of this generation now prefers listening to individualistic and empowering personalities while keeping their other senses at ease. Appreciating the changing need of the hour,our platform TIT has come up with this audio trait called Podcast for all.

Be it the health talks, entertainment feels,technology, sports, the art industry, achievers, the economy or the nation’s growth, or any global scenario, TIT won’t fail you at bringing out the deserving individuals straight at your reach. Impacting and inspiring lives are our goals and we promise to not let you down as you go through our playlists of podcasts.

“Keep all your ears to the ground!”