Introduction There exists a technology that performs all the heavy work on behalf of humans after imitating human cognitive abilities, it is commonly known as AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a result of theories, algorithms, techniques and sciences that lets machines perform complex tasks that require perpetual learning, memory organisation and critical reasoning. It can be regarded as a result of a technological blow that came around sixty-six years ago from John McCarthy of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) who is considered the founder of the discipline of Artificial Intelligence. Unprecedented Transformation through AI Haptik, a Jio platform announced in October 2021 the launch ofRead More →

A free-of-cost medium that let opinions and facts be spoken and heard through spoken audio content in the form of theme-based episodes are called podcasts. They can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Podcasts also empower the listeners with an opportunity to hear opinions on individuals and topics that they may not otherwise hear. Podcast content can be both – completely improvised or scripted. Concerns ranging from scientific research to slice of life topics – all are raised and talked about in these podcasts. How are podcasts gaining momentum in India? Although in the USA, the consuming time of an average person for podcastsRead More →

United Nation Day October 24, 2021 The United Nations is an international body promoting world peace was brought into force on 24th October 1945 by governments of 51 nations to avoid another war like the previously devastating World War I and World War II. The world organisation marks the 21st year of the 21st century as its seventy-sixth-year anniversary. However, the anniversary comes at a time when the organisation is being called into question, with a beleaguered stain on its reputation. While many people undermine its relevance in today’s world and call it obsolete, we have a different take on the situation presented before theRead More →

STEPPING UP DIGITALLY The time has come to tag our women and girls as the change-makers and leaders. With much power, the 11th of October every year is declared by the UN to be celebrated as the international Day of the Girl Child. In this blog, we want you to keenly understand the meaning of this day.   Overview:  The world has changed drastically over the centuries whether in the case of human evolution, countries, transport and communication, development in health, economy, infrastructural sectors or even societies. But unfortunately, the girls and women have been put at risk and compromising status wherein they have hadRead More →

Mankind has strived to survive with passing years and generations with an establishment of self-peace within only when making sure that this world is free of sudden deaths. What if the cause of major deaths is only one neglected reason by the man himself? The 29th of September is recognised as the World Heart Day by the World Heart Federation. In this article, you will get a brief idea of why this day is recognised, eventually driving your focus on your heart health and on your loved ones. The Heart For Your Grasp Heart is an organ of the body made of cardiac muscle (involuntaryRead More →