Health & Hygiene

Rapidly growing technology has enhanced the pace of every working professional and their daily activities. At this moment, health and hygiene is becoming a priority of every human. This is not to be ignored or else would prove to be a bane on the long run. Read more

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Bollywood Hungama

The biggest and growing entertainment industry of our country. People wake up with Indian movie songs playing in their houses and sleep watching late night Bollywood movies. The fate of many is compared to the stories-depicted and lyrics written in Bollywood. An action hero or a freaky romance, everything is learned only from the movies. Read more

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Achievers & Influencers

One of the reasons why humans strive hard for more is to achieve a goal that they have set up before their life ends here on earth. Flowers take time to bloom, adapting slowly with the harsh seasons to which it gets exposed. The same is with us. Read more

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Art & Culture

India is a land of various cultures and traditions. With this being alive, art forms are unquestionably to exist. Read more

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Politics & Current Affairs

Societal differences are bound to happen and in a democratic country like India where justice is managed to serve, the police come to action. The Indian Army and other forces guarding our whole country is the reason why we are surviving here today. They are our pride and our strength. Read more

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