The time has come to tag our women and girls as the change-makers and leaders. With much power, the 11th of October every year is declared by the UN to be celebrated as the international Day of the Girl Child.

In this blog, we want you to keenly understand the meaning of this day.



The world has changed drastically over the centuries whether in the case of human evolution, countries, transport and communication, development in health, economy, infrastructural sectors or even societies.

But unfortunately, the girls and women have been put at risk and compromising status wherein they have had to sacrifice their rights too.

According to statistics displayed by UNICEF, 129 million girls are out of school.

With 195 countries existing, only 49 percent of counties have been successful in achieving gender equality in primary education; undoubtedly girls have a lesser ratio in share here.


This day as the International Day of The Girl Child was celebrated for the very first time in the year 2012.

Just a click before this year, on December 19, 2011, the UN General Assembly embraced Resolution 66/170 in answer to the problems faced by young girls and susceptible women identified during the World Conference of Women which was held in Beijing in 1995.

This is how the 11th of October was born to uplift girls and women in the field of education, work, economy, also within the four walls of their homes ignoring the depressing societal norms.

2021 Theme: 

Trying to hold up far from the further risks that can be evolved dramatically without any trace, the UN Assembly has declared the International Day of The Girl Child 2021 theme as “Digital Generation. Our Generation”.

Actions decided to be undertaken can overturn if the digital world is ignored. Technology is everywhere and so, to carve out the future of girls beautifully is only possible if they are accessible to the internet and the technologies involved.

As a result, their vision, passion and ideas which can be offered to the world will not remain neglected.

Sources We Were Blind To: 

Half of the world’s population is represented by girls and women. Thus, practically half of the potential lies in their power. Why are they decided to be suppressed?

Why are they deprived of the basic human rights in primitive societies?

Adolescence is the blooming age. If young girls are blessed with education here, they will become the influential and empowered girls of today and the future’s mothers, entrepreneurs, workers, household chiefs and the political leaders.

The chances of their voices gone unheard will be minimized. Keeping all these in mind, the International Day of The Girl Child mandatorily needs to work in while having an edge over any other cause.

All the elements and the decisions portrayed above can be instilled within every heart of the individuals coming across the International Day of The Girl Child Day 2021 only if a step is taken for the young girls through education.

Rightly said by Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education in her speech at the UN Assembly that, “One Child, One Teacher, One Book, One Pen can change the world”.

Let’s upgrade our girls and women this year digitally!

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