Mankind has strived to survive with passing years and generations with an establishment of self-peace within only when making sure that this world is free of sudden deaths.

What if the cause of major deaths is only one neglected reason by the man himself?

The 29th of September is recognised as the World Heart Day by the World Heart Federation.

In this article, you will get a brief idea of why this day is recognised, eventually driving your focus on your heart health and on your loved ones.

The Heart For Your Grasp

Heart is an organ of the body made of cardiac muscle (involuntary muscle) which is vital for many body functions.

How can we forget that the heart that remarkably beats 100,000 times per day is responsible for pumping the blood (1.5 gallons of blood per minute) transporting O2 and nutrients, carrying cells and helping fight infections; this now surely emphasizes the gravity of this organ.

Regrettably, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) including heart diseases and stroke are the leading reasons of health in the world.

What is World Heart Day?

In the year 2012 in May, the world leaders held a meeting in order to commit themselves together to downsize the mortality globally by 25% from non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) by the year 2025.

After having a good head-on, they shockingly realised that CVD is accountable for nearly half of all the NCD deaths, only making it to the top lists of world killers.

Though World Heart Day was announced by the World Heart Federation in association with the WHO in 1999 but it was ever since this meeting that practical steps and ideas were cultivated to bring it to existence in plurality.

Why such a boost for 29th of September?  

When such a day is recognised, people tend to agree more seriously to actually bring into power the action plan of the theme.

Ever since Covid-19 outbursts, it has taken a heavy toll on our lives; physically, mentally as well as emotionally. Many few of you do realise that our heart too affects our mental health.

Keeping this in mind cautiously, the goal for World Heart Day 2021 is “harnessing the power of digital health to improve awareness, prevention, and management of CVD”, said the World Heart Federation.

The Heart Status of India

Every year globally, 17.9 million people die due to heart diseases and related fatal conditions. India too is critically worsening in the statistics.

The experts have seen a rise of CVD deaths from 2.26 million in 1990 to 4.77 million in 2020 in our motherland. It does not stop here!

50% of the heart attacks in India arise in men under 50 years of age while 25% of the heart attacks arise among the men under 40 years of age.

Indian women are no less. They too have a very high mortality rate occurring from cardiac diseases.

Your Turn to Measure Your HeartRisk

Imagine the pressure exerted impulsively on the doctors and the health experts to undeniably create awareness.

Reasons are obvious to everyone. But to avoid any carelessness in a very practical way is to eat everything limitedly, not excessively.

Balanced diet is a call made by every doctor but before that check your BMI to stay at a healthy weight. Do not forget to exercise. It doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been a smoker; you still have room for improvement to quit.

Don’t take more chances to play with your lives anymore. Through World Heart Day 2021, we encourage you to take a grip over the health of yourself and your loved ones.

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